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Features of a Remote Control Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is an interesting remote controlled toy watercraft. The miniature version of the full-scale pirate ship of the Middle Ages can sail on a pool, pond or even on your bathtub. An ideal toy for children, the remote controlled pirate ship can be operated with ease with the help of radio control equipment.

A remote controlled pirate ship is a variant of the remote controlled sailboat or sailing yacht. Assembled in the factory, the pre-built ready-to-run ship model is a highly sophisticated remote controlled boat model.

Features of Remote Control Pirate Ship


Just as any other sailboat, the pirate ship is propelled by wind power. To enable the ship to glide safely across the water, the positions of the sails are sometimes controlled from the shore with the help of the radio transmitter.

Remote Control

The remote control system of the pirate ship comprises of a handheld radio transmitter or controller and a receiver that is placed on the ship. The radio control system features two channels. The steering operation of the ship is controlled remotely through one channel and the other channel helps to regulate the throttle of the electric engine. By changing the positions of the two joysticks on the handheld controller, signals are transmitted to the receiver on-board the ship. The receiver interprets the signals and accordingly maneuvers the pirate ship. Propelling a watercraft with the help of radio control equipment is a skill that can be mastered with regular practice.


Although a pirate ship is somewhat propelled by sails, the sophisticated models are equipped with electric motors that help to boost the speed of the ship. Hence, your pirate ship can compete with the racing sailboats.

Where to Buy Pirate Ships

The best quality remote-controlled pirate ships are available in shops that sell remote controlled toys. However, if you are looking for a premier quality boat at an affordable price, consider shopping in a reputed online store that offers radio controlled boats. A pirate ship that closely resembles the actual ship is admired by kids. It will keep the child entertained for hours. They are easy to use.

Premier pirate ships, made with the best quality material, are highly durable. Crafted by expert scale-boat model builders, the good quality pirate ship models are admired for their detail designs. Almost every feature of a full-scale pirate ship including moveable cannon is present in the miniature model.

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